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“As a cutting-edge technology business delivering innovative recruitment solutions to our customers, we have complex needs … We experienced excellent service throughout the project – Pritchetts were detail-oriented, technically strong and also pragmatic, all without the price tag of their big law firm competitors.”

Rob Garlick, was Finance Director, LaunchPad Recruits

Do You Need an AI Lawyer? We Can Help!

We started providing legal support to clients using AI systems back in 2017. Since then, we have advised on the legal implications of developing and using new technologies, including AI systems.

AI has been around for years, but the growth of AI in every sector and organisation is now rapid. AI systems have the potential to revolutionise our lives in both the business and personal spheres, through virtual assistants, medical diagnosis tools, autonomous vehicles and more. The technological changes available through AI present clear benefits, but also risks that need to be assessed and mitigated.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a multinational corporation, our friendly team of expert lawyers can provide you with artificial intelligence legal advice to help you:

  • Reassure your stakeholders and customers that:
    • The AI system is being developed with legal and regulatory compliance in mind.
    • Ethical considerations have been thought about and documented.
    • The system is understood and explainable to customers and regulators.
  • Untangle the legal complexities of procuring or implementing AI, whether you’re looking at opensource models, or using an API from the growing pool of AI developers.
  • Understand the risks of using generative AI (GenAI) in your organisation.
  • Navigate the interface between AI and data protection regulation, such as minimising algorithmic discrimination and bias, establishing an ethical framework, ensuring transparency and explainability, or handling specific GDPR compliance considerations.
  • Carry out horizon scanning to consider legal and regulatory changes around the world and how that will affect your use of AI.
  • Take advantage of the efficiencies and opportunities that AI presents.

Explore below to see how we can help your organisation.

AI contracts

We can help to negotiate and draft contracts and template documents:

  • If you are procuring AI systems , enabling you to exploit new opportunities and react fast to commercial opportunities and legal and regulatory changes.
  • If you are an AI developer seeking to sell your products and services while reassuring your customers and clients about your AI and data protection compliance. You may also need help preparing documents covering security, transparency, explainability, ethics and general accountability.
  • If you are collaborating with others on AI projects , such as other commercial organisations, academic or medical institutions, or government-backed research and innovation projects.

Contact our experienced AI lawyers to find out more.

We have helped many of our clients to establish robust legal agreements to avoid time being wasted on unnecessary negotiation and potential loss of business.


AI risk management and the GDPR/data protection interface

Developing or implementing any new technology carries risk, and AI brings its own set of novel risks.

We can advise AI developers and suppliers who are setting up or selling their AI products and services, as well as any organisation that licenses or implements AI.

Our services are wide-ranging and include advising on:

  • The legal implications of AI , including how these interact with the GDPR.
  • Appropriate AI implementation frameworks , AI risk assessments and governance measures.
  • Completion of data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) and consultation with regulators.
  • How to ensure transparency and explainability . This includes producing privacy notices that cover how personal data is collected and used as part of creating and training an AI model, or in relation to personal data that is uploaded to – or generated by – the AI system.
  • Security and supplier due diligence processes.
  • Compliant international data transfer mechanisms and transfer risk assessments.
  • The use of AI to make solely automated decisions (ADM) about individuals.
  • Identification of the appropriate legal basis for different elements of AI processing, and of special category data processing.
  • Drafting legitimate interests assessments (LIAs).
  • Undertaking controller, processor and joint controller assessments within the specific AI ecosystem.
  • Data-sharing and data processor agreements.
  • Data minimisation.
  • Ensuring individual rights and handling rights requests.
  • GDPR accountability and wider AI governance policies and procedures such as creation of AI ethics principles and policies for the use of generative AI in the workplace.
  • Deep-dive data protection audits.
  • Specific AI risks such as personal data leakage, model inversion, membership inference and data poisoning.

We can also assist with robust AI due diligence and establishing strong breach-handling processes in the event that things go wrong.

We work with data ethics professionals and data scientists, where needed, to provide expert input.

Contact our experienced AI lawyers to find out more.

One of our clients has designed an app to demystify career growth in companies and empower everyone to own their own career, using AI systems to present relevant career content.

Compliant terms and conditions and privacy notices are key to customer sales and to ensure the trust and confidence of individuals and organisations that use the app.

Our published article explains how organisations can help to protect themselves and ensure GDPR compliance when developing, implementing or trialling AI systems in their organisations.


AI regulation

Organisations must keep up to date with the evolving regulatory landscape around AI systems. There will be inevitable complexities around consistency of regulation and enforcement in different jurisdictions. This state of affairs creates both risks and opportunities for organisations.

We keep ourselves informed of the latest developments in the UK’s legal and regulatory AI landscape. We can help your organisation with AI regulation consultation, navigating and planning for developments, and creating AI governance frameworks.

Contact our experienced AI lawyers to find out more.

“The team at Pritchetts Law are all technically excellent, professional and brilliant to work with, but the best part of working with them, is that they listen to what you need and provide you with clear and relevant advice and solutions.”

Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2023


AI policies and procedures

Incorporating AI considerations into workplace, general governance and data protection policies and procedures is crucial for managing risk and ensuring that staff are fully informed. For example, you may wish to create a standalone policy on using AI systems in the workplace and an AI governance framework. You may also wish to update other policies and processes to incorporate AI issues, such as guidelines on handling DPIAs, security breaches and individual rights requests.

Our knowledgeable team can help you develop policies and procedures – or review existing ones – and tailor them to your organisation.

Contact our experienced AI lawyers to find out more.

One of our clients provides a cutting-edge recruitment technology platform that uses AI systems.

We advised on updates to regulatory guidance, drafted policies and procedures for DPIAs, advised on the conduct of specific DPIAs, updated terms and conditions for our client’s customers and candidates, and updated other communications that clarified the scope of its data processing.

Our advice helped our client to ensure that its recruitment solution met the increased obligations of the GDPR and that the business managed its risk as a processor.


Training on the legal requirements for AI systems

Our senior solicitors are experienced trainers , so if you need help with getting your staff up to speed on the legal requirements for AI systems, we can help with that too.

Contact our experienced AI lawyers to find out more.

“Stephanie and Ben, the Pritchetts Law partners delivering the training, were superb presenters. They clearly had a great deal of practical experience and in-depth legal knowledge to deal with the queries we threw at them.”

Ceri Sharples, Learning & Development Manager, Somerset Bridge Shared Services Ltd


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