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Data Protection & Privacy Advice

Just what you need

Pritchetts are just what you need from a specialist law firm – agility, professionalism and technical expertise … Ben and Stephanie have supported UPP and its complex network of group companies throughout our extensive GDPR compliance program. We have appreciated their ability to advise us on both long-term program issues, like our full data protection audit and training sessions, as well as creating bespoke policies and processes and being highly responsive to urgent business-critical issues. They have spent time getting to know our business properly, and provide thoughtful, practical business advice. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.
Moji Fatoye, was Deputy Company Secretary, UPP Group

Dedicated partner attention

As a niche data protection law firm, we consider the firm to be unique. We receive dedicated partner attention.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2023

Clear and relevant advice

All of the advice that Pritchetts Law has given us over the years has been clear and very relevant to us as a trade union: an organisation that has a unique structure. The team are very approachable and clearly have a detailed knowledge of the minefield of data protection law. Theirs is a high-quality practice with an agile way of working and an outstanding reputation in the market. They provide excellent value for money. We look forward to our continued relationship with the team in the future.
Libby Bate, was Data Protection & Information Officer, Unison

Our go-to advisers

Stephanie and Ben are such extremely experienced exponents of this area of law that they are our go-to advisers. They both offer sensible, pragmatic, realistic and solution-based advice.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2021

A pleasure to work with

We’ve really appreciated the years of partner-led advice we’ve received from Pritchetts Law – they are very bright, knowledgeable, professional and hard-working individuals. They’re client-focused and technically strong, and always advise on how to achieve results that meet our commercial objectives. They’ve been a pleasure to work with because they’re calm and pragmatic while also being extremely thorough, proactive and responsive.
Laurence Arterton, Head of Client Support and ICT Services, Unison

Breadth of expertise and commercial nous

We initially asked Pritchetts to upgrade our privacy policy and standard terms of service for GDPR. Since then, as our organisation has grown, we have involved Pritchetts in many of our new projects. We often require detailed data protection advice as well as assistance with contract negotiations, and we have really appreciated the breadth of expertise and commercial nous that the Pritchetts team provide. They try hard to make a sensitive and structurally complex business simple. They’re also extremely responsive, working flexibly to make sure that one of the team is always available to assist us when we need them.
Craig Rigby-Wilson, Co-CEO, Link Maker

Reactive, professional and very helpful

Pritchetts Law LLP has always been incredibly reactive, professional and very helpful. Interactions have consistently been extremely well handled, professional, measured and on point. The service provided has always helped us solve issues we were having, and they thoroughly answer any question we bring to them. When dealing with Pritchetts Law LLP, we get a very personalised service with great professionalism.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2021

A great, cost-effective solution

It is great to work with specialist data protection lawyers with many years of experience working in this area. There have been a lot of new advisors offering up advice in this area since the run-up to implementation of the GDPR. As a long-standing data protection specialist myself, I need to know that I am working with truly knowledgeable advisors. Stephanie and Ben clearly have a detailed understanding of the complexities of the GDPR and its crossover with the Data Protection Act 2018, as well as how to apply this new law in context with the ever-changing EU and UK regulatory guidance. They advise on how the law applies practically to our real-world scenarios and are responsive, clear and thorough in their explanations. I would be delighted to recommend them to anyone – Pritchetts Law is a great, cost-effective solution when I need an extra pair of hands.
Tim Gough, was Data Protection Officer, Westfield Europe

A tailored and understandable privacy statement

We asked Pritchetts to help us with our GDPR compliance. To set the ball rolling, they helped us to complete a Data Protection Fact Finder document, to best understand how we process personal data as a business as well as how we could ensure best practice. We provide our services to individual consumers and it was important to us to ensure that we developed a tailored and understandable customer-facing privacy statement – to protect us and, more importantly, those who visit our operations. We really enjoyed working with the Pritchetts team to help us to achieve that.
Rob Cook, UK Operations Manager, Namco UK Ltd

No one better on data protection law

Data protection is a high-risk area in the modern business environment. Stephanie provides a service that combines extensive legal knowledge with concrete, pragmatic advice on how to deal with difficult situations. I have no reservations in recommending Stephanie to anyone with data protection issues. There is no one better on data protection law … Incredibly helpful to our organisation.
David Ball, Vice Principal Corporate Services, Sir George Monoux College

A highly regarded practitioner

Stephanie Pritchett is founder of the firm and focuses her practice on data protection matters. Her subject matter knowledge makes her a highly regarded practitioner across all aspects of GDPR.

[Testimonials quoted include:]

“Stephanie Pritchett is great to work with – she’s very knowledgeable on privacy matters both for the UK and EU and delivers practical advice.”

“Stephanie is very professional and helpful.”

Chambers UK 2023

Brilliant service

Pritchetts Law has been invaluable in helping Obex navigate the complex waters of data protection. Stephanie and Ben have provided a brilliant service throughout the period we have been working with them. Of particular note is the willingness of both of them to approach challenges with a very open mind and to provide advice that takes into account the realities of operating a business in a world that is rarely ideal.
Michael John Gifford, Managing Director, Mountain Hare Consulting

Professionalism, dedication and skill

Stephanie is both detail-oriented and pragmatic. She is thoroughly expert in the field of data protection. I have worked with her on various data protection matters and was always very satisfied with her professionalism, dedication and skill. In addition, she has a delightful personality and is a pleasure to work with.
Bjarne Tellmann, was Associate General Counsel, Coca-Cola HBC AG

As good as it comes

Stephanie’s legal knowledge regarding data protection is as good as it comes among solicitors. She is excellent at quickly identifying the commercial issues for the client, focusing her legal skills on achieving the best outcome and avoiding distractions.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2021

Personable and responsive

Pritchetts is a specialist data protection firm with many years of experience. I have collaborated with Pritchetts for the last few years on several client projects led by Pritchetts … an expanding practice with a growing number of exciting client projects. [It] has been a pleasure to work with the firm to provide practical advice and solutions. Stephanie is an expert in data protection and very thorough in her approach to providing advice and guidance on the law, and finding practical solutions. She is also very personable and responsive. I have enjoyed discussing with her some of the finer detail of data protection compliance.
Olivia Whitcroft, Principal, OBEP

Thinks legal and practical issues through

Stephanie really thinks legal and practical issues through, and takes an honest view of her client’s situation, but stays focused on achieving a sensible solution.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2021

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Technology & Commercial Contracts Advice

They listen to what you need

The team at Pritchetts Law are all technically excellent, professional and brilliant to work with, but the best part of working with them, is that they listen to what you need and provide you with clear and relevant advice and solutions.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2023

Service that can’t be improved

We were very pleased with your help drafting our professional Managed Services Agreement. I can’t think of anything that can be done to improve your service. We achieved our goals.
Nick Richards, Managing Director, Computer Geeks

Straightforward advice without the legal jargon

Pritchetts were responsive, supportive and provided us with straightforward advice, without the legal jargon. They worked around the clock to meet our deadlines and ensure that we were able to secure our new customer relationship in time. Highly recommended.
Manfredi Di Cintio, Director, The Island

Detail-oriented, technically strong and pragmatic

As a cutting-edge technology business delivering innovative recruitment solutions to our customers, we have complex data protection needs. Pritchetts provided us with invaluable assistance with our data protection impact assessments and contract arrangements. They helped us put our best foot forward to customers when we were under intense pressure to show that our data protection house was in order. We experienced excellent service throughout the project – Pritchetts were detail-oriented, technically strong and also pragmatic, all without the price tag of their big law firm competitors.
Rob Garlick, was Finance Director, LaunchPad Recruits

Great value for money and responsive

We’ve won awards for our regtech work in helping businesses to meet and deliver regulatory requirements, so it’s imperative that we offer GDPR-compliant services and security systems. Our business … processes sensitive information on behalf of our customers and end-user patients, so we needed expert legal advice. The team at Pritchetts Law worked alongside our other specialist legal advisors to advise on our data-processing agreements with customers, our privacy notices and our patient-centric app. Pritchetts Law was great value for money, responsive and quick to identify issues. The team provided strong legal advice that was enhanced by solid regulatory understanding and how it applied in practice to our business.
Jon Spinage, Director of Technology, Vitaccess

Highly knowledgeable and personable

Highly knowledgeable and personable practice of skilled individuals with great experience on both sides of the private practice/in-house arenas.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2023

A friendly and reassuring presence

Stephanie joined GBR Challenge as in-house legal advisor when we were still a fledgling organisation and established many of the legal processes and systems required in a modern America’s Cup team. Having previous experience of representing an America’s Cup team, she was also able to advise on how best the team should navigate its way through the complexities of the America’s Cup Protocol, Deed of Gift & AC Resolutions. As well as dealing with day-to-day legal issues around equipment purchasing, staff contracts, etc., she also advised on our sponsorship contracts, worth more than £3 million. Stephanie brought experience, knowledge and professionalism to the emerging organisation. Constantly working under pressure and to strict deadlines, she was always a friendly and reassuring presence. It would be a privilege to work with her again.
Tessa Bartlett, was Chief Operations Officer of the GBR Challenge for the America’s Cup

Straightforward explanations and clear solutions

Stephanie and her team bring genuine expertise to this extremely important and highly complex area of business operations that helps us perform successfully. They explain issues in a straightforward way, and provide clear solutions.
Quoted in The Legal 500 UK 2021

A level-headed, thorough and professional approach

Steph is great! Several times now, she has guided me through some difficult encounters with some of the sailing world’s less than straightforward people, with a very level-headed, thorough and extremely professional approach. I will, of course, be using her for all future projects and further sponsorship contracts, and am very happy to recommend to anyone that they do the same.
Steve White, Owner, White Ocean Racing

Industry-leading advice

Pritchetts Law has advised Ranvier on business-critical privacy concerns in respect of the development, clinical testing and bringing to market of an industry-changing medical sector product. They offered us pragmatic and industry-leading advice in respect of highly complex and sensitive privacy issues. They are always focussed on what we as a business are trying to achieve, and always zero in on the best ways to get us to that point. We are grateful to Stephanie and Ben for the quality of their work and the times they have gone the extra mile to help us meet our business objectives. They don’t just tell you the law, it’s always applied in the context of our business.
Jan Melichar, was Medical Director, Ranvier Health

An indispensable asset

Stephanie was extremely competent at carrying out any task with which she was presented, within both her job description and beyond. As such, she proved an indispensable asset. She has a professional yet passionate personal manner, is highly proficient, and able to combine legal thinking with sailing – a rare skill! She is a hard-working, trustworthy and intelligent lady. I would highly recommend her.
Russell Belden, was Chief Executive Officer of the Seattle Challenge for the America’s Cup

A quality and effective outcome

Stephanie is client- and results-focused and always a pleasure to work with, taking time to understand client requirements and needs to produce a quality and effective outcome.
Suzy Cockburn, was Legal Counsel, the Carbon Trust

Works to protect your interests

I met Stephanie in 2000 while working with the Seattle Challenge America’s Cup Team. She is a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and detail-oriented. Attentive to your needs, addresses your issues and works to protect your interests. I highly recommend Stephanie to any team.
Mark Strube, Captain, Abracadabra USA 50

Took the time to understand

Ben provided excellent advice in how to architect the legal agreements that underpin our core business, as well as a lot of very patient handholding throughout the drafting process. He took the time to understand where we are as a business and the nuances of our deals and partnerships, which later helped during the more detailed comb through contract language.
Jill Berman, was Operations Director, the 7th Chamber

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Data Protection Training

Tailored training delivered by superb presenters

We asked Pritchetts to deliver a bespoke training course on specific areas of data protection law compliance for our team of data protection champions across our group companies. Our organisation had particular needs and we wanted tailored training delivered via Microsoft Teams, not an off-the-shelf training solution. Pritchetts were very responsive and easy to liaise with. They spoke to us about our business processes and our existing policies to ensure that the course content was tailored appropriately. Stephanie and Ben, the Pritchetts Law partners delivering the training, were superb presenters. Our learning and development team were delighted with how they delivered the content with passion and energy, in a way that all participants could understand, interpret and bring to life. They clearly had a great deal of practical experience and in-depth legal knowledge to deal with the queries we threw at them. They gave us lots of examples of how to comply with the law in practice, as well as helping us to understand how it applied to our specific business requirements. We would highly recommend their in-house data protection training services.
Ceri Sharples, Learning & Development Manager, Somerset Bridge

Really helpful to our organisation

The marketing and consent training delivered by Ben and Stephanie was really helpful to our organisation, generating a healthy debate about our business processes and the next steps in our compliance plan.
David Gillett, Chief Risk Officer, AXA PPP Healthcare

Informative and comprehensive training

Thank you so much for delivering such an informative and comprehensive training session – as you saw, the feedback was excellent, which is a testament to all your preparatory hard work and your excellent delivery on the day.
Hilary Underwood, was Interim Chief Executive, Surrey Law Society

Great data protection training on marketing compliance

Stephanie and Ben gave a full day of live online data protection training focused on marketing compliance. It was a great way to gather our team remotely and still interact directly with the trainers to get their insights, and for us to discuss the issues together.
Emma Oatley, Data Protection Officer, CFH Docmail Limited

Focus on practical matters

Thank you very much for your great work with the data protection workshops … we appreciated very much that you focused on practical matters and gave truly business-minded feedback to the participants’ queries … you are a great presenter … we are very much looking forward to continuing working with you.
Bjarne Tellman, was Associate General Counsel, Coca-Cola HBC AG

Really useful, interesting course

Everyone found the day’s course really useful and thought you made the subject very interesting! So thank you very much.
Jenny Savage, was Marketing Manager, Jordans Limited

Engaging presentation style

Excellent course and pitched at a very good level. Stephanie is an excellent tutor and has a very engaging presentation style. She is exceptionally knowledgeable.
Data Protection Officer at a train operating company

Expert in her field

Excellent trainer. A real expert in her field. Very informative and enjoyable.
Data Protection Officer at a probation trust

Strong connection with attendees

Stephanie delivered course detail to a high standard, connecting with attendees strongly.
Data Protection Officer at a national UK furniture retailer

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