Tailored Data Protection Training

“Our learning and development team were delighted with how they delivered the content with passion and energy, in a way that all participants could understand, interpret and bring to life.”

Ceri Sharples, Learning & Development Manager, Somerset Bridge

How We Can Help

We have a strong background in delivering targeted, easy-to-understand training. We offer two types of training to suit your needs:

  1. Data protection training courses. We provide live, trainer-led data protection courses on a rolling programme throughout the year. As part of your general compliance training, you may need some high-level training that staff can attend throughout the year, whether it is when they join, or as an annual refresher. Alternatively, there may be some teams in your organisation – say, HR or Marketing – who need training on the areas of data protection that particularly affect them.

    Go to Our Data Protection Training Courses to find out more.

  2. Bespoke data protection training. Do you have an in-house team or group to train on data protection issues that are specific to your organisation?

    We provide tailored data protection training, working with you to create training that meets your particular requirements. We like to do this by getting to know your business, understanding how data protection law affects you, and then designing and delivering data protection training and workshops that are tailored to your needs.

    See Training Tailored to Your Needs below to find out more.

    To see what our clients have said about the training that we’ve delivered, check out our client reviews .

    Alternatively, you can see some examples of the kinds of data protection training that we’ve delivered by viewing our case studies .

Training Tailored to Your Needs

We can deliver bespoke training face to face, or via an online platform – whichever works best for you. We can use any platform that you wish, although we tend to use Microsoft Teams ourselves.

We keep our training sessions relatively informal, creating a safe environment to talk about your trials and tribulations. We tend to find that this approach uncovers all sorts of data protection issues – good and bad! We often follow up our training by helping clients to sort out any compliance issues identified.

We can offer training in various formats on all kinds of data protection topics . We can adapt our approach to provide anything from a high-level overview to a thorough analysis – it depends on what you need.

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Our Training Experience

As a leading UK data protection specialist , partner Stephanie Pritchett writes and presents key courses for PDP’s market-leading Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection (PC.dp) qualification as well as delivering bespoke training to clients. She is an experienced public speaker and trainer whose friendly and engaging style is often remarked on by clients. Our own clients are always thrilled with her ability to explain things simply and practically. They usually take away a long list of actions to follow up on after the training sessions.

Partner Ben Wootton regularly delivers bespoke training to clients. He recently undertook a year-long round of training across multiple sites, and across multiple layers of management and on-the-ground staff for one major client. He has also created and presented training for industry bodies to update them on the latest data protection developments.

Some of our best work has involved running creative workshop sessions , where we lay out the basics of a particular data protection subject and invite the team to discuss how their specific business operates and what steps are needed from a data protection compliance perspective. This has worked particularly well when:

  • Considering specific marketing practices or campaigns with relevant client team members.
  • Working through HR practices with HR teams and managers.

These workshop sessions often operate like a mini-audit , providing a dedicated space to raise issues with our experts , followed up with focussed action points . Participants can take away the action points to work on themselves or opt to ask for our help with them after the session.

For real-life examples of the training that we’ve delivered to our clients, take a look at our case studies to find out more.

Case Studies

Come to us for data protection training courses that are tailored to your business and designed and delivered by experts in the field. We would love to help.

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